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WWE 2K16 Mugen Hi-res Roster 2022 (DOWNLOADABLE)


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WWE 2K16 Mugen Hi-res Roster 2022 (DOWNLOADABLE)

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Hi, it's probably been a while since you've seen a post from me lol.


but, I am currently working on mugen collections/rosters for you all and I decided that today as my work day is slow and decided that on a whim to make this lovely mugen for my amazing WWE fans. yes, believe it or not I love WWE, still sorta do since 2009. yep, I am a 00s kid. but nonethless, enough of that 🙂 


Today I have for you WWE 2K16 Mugen Hi-res Roster 2022 

This mugen consists of:  

119 Chars

1 Stages

That's about it, not really much to say but that this is just your simple average full-game mugen to play for a quick time. you can get it here - as per usual more information is in the video inputted below:



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