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So i Just started a Youtube Channel...


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Wuddup MFFA Fam! It's been awhile! What did i miss??? (Also pleaseee let me know if i posted this in the wrong category)


So i Just started a YouTube Channel where ill be playing a mixed bag of video games (including Mugen builds and possibly rating them) and maybe even react to different things (Try not to laugh, game trailers, scary vids, etc.) While also chatting about fighting game history and longevity........with some memes IM SORRY I LIKE TO BE FUNNY


Here: https://www.youtube.com/@yoitsdiquantum/


If you have your OWN channel, please kindly let me know! Us content creators need to stick to together! And also if you have some pointers or constructive criticism, i will happily accept!


Tekken 7 Thumbs Up GIF by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment





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