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Flashpoint Batman Custom Palettes for Alucard's Batman


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As the title says, I have done a couple of custom palettes for Alucard's Batman in the style of Thomas Wayne as Batman from the Flashpoint alternate universe.




I've recolored the bat symbol and the utility belt on the palettes to red, with the eyes recolored to red, as well to represent the eye color when the Flashpoint Batman wears his cowl.  I've also done a alternate version where his batsuit has a darker shade of gray for you to choose which one you like.  These palettes are designed to work with Alucard's Batman, as such.  To add these palettes into Mugen, download the zip file that I shared in this post, extract the folder from the zip file, copy the palettes into the "pals" folder in Batman's character folder, then open Batman's def file and replace any palette from his palette section from pal1 to pal6.  Then save the def file and boot up Mugen to try out these palettes.  I don't recommend replacing any of his palettes for pal7 to pal12 as certain palettes are designed for special modes, such as the Batzarro mode on pal8.  I hope you all enjoy these palette edits for Alucard's Batman.  You all take care, and be safe during this COVID-19 pandemic.


Link for the Flashpoint Batman Palettes:


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