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I started a new youtube channel - DarkestDave666 | Sonic RPG Playthrough

David Rattlz

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Hey guys!!  Dave Rattlz here the creator of Raziel for Mugen along with DArk!!
been away for some time but Im glad to be back.

I started a new youtube channel where I will be posting Playthroughs and Gameplays of my favorite games like: Legacy of Kain, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic and Mortal Kombat just to name a few 

Check out my channel and subscribe if you enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwddkvTIttG32DYx58LWC_g/featured

Im doing the Sonic RPG Fan game series at the moment made in flash, then Im gonna do Soul Reaver 2

I'm already on episode 4 and Ill be posting here when I upload new videos.

Hope you guys enjoy!! 











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