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Yo, an idea of a cool fighting game! (Not expecting development, but it's a cool idea)

Fighter Chao

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I thought up this cool fandom fighter idea, with characters big and small in pairs of themes, here are the characters:


Ninjas: Bio Spark-Sheik


Memelords: SMG4-Armstrong


Limbless: Susie-Rayman


Greedy: Shovel Knight-Wario


Wrestlers: John Cena-Incineroar


Dragons/Rulers: Ridley-Hiccup/Toothless


Offspring: Tetra-Gohan


Punchers: Knuckles-Popinski


Darkened: Riku-Antasma


Assasins: Wolf-Bete


Summoners: Bea-Jotaro


2D: Mr. G&W-Bill


Honor: Ryu-Marth


Tacticians: Master Cheif-Ludwig


Demons: Kazuya-Piccolo


Aware: Deadpool-Dora


Cats: Taokaka-Beerus


Justice: Undyne-Obi Wan


Hats: Terry-Hat Kid


Forgotten: Raditz-Snoke


Killers: Michael Myers-Black Baron


Dogs: Hot Dog-Bolt


Broken: Invincible-Iron Giant


Alts: Red Son-Blueberry


Kamikazes: Saibaman-Bob Omb


Transformed: Meggy-Frost


Masks: Joker-Dimentio


Blues: Boyfriend-Megamind


"Doctors": Zomboss-Eggman


Archers: Claude-Circus Baby


Marios: Paper Mario-Speedrunner Mario


Gods: Frisk-Zeno


Here are links to Tier Lists and Brackets: Create a Media's Greatest Battle (Random Stuff For Random Things) Tier List - TierMaker and https://bracketfights.com/create/medias-greatest-battle-just-kinda-random-46327


Also, if you want to know what I feel the tier list for the game would be (For context, the "Power Level", or power of mechanics, of the game would be around GG Strive to SFV level), well...




...It's your problem now (This isn't discussing who is strongest with power levels, this is who is most viable in this supposed fighting game, at least at first), have fun in the replies!

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