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Berb's SF3 Compilation [IKEMEN ONLY]


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Hey Guys! here's a compilation of every SF3 character, I tweaked some values to make them consistent. I tried to put the most accurate version of each and every character and updated their size to fit a 16:9 ratio.
Contains every character & stage from SF3 + some SF characters that didn't make it but are in the SF3 style.

Download Link

Q: Why are the portraits small?
A: You are either using Mugen or an old version of Ikemen


Q: Is 4:3 possible?
A: Yep! you just need to go into the characters .def file and remove the localcoord, if there is 2, uncomment the other one

Q: Can I use this for normal MUGEN?
A: Yep! you need to do what the last question says and also remove the line "portraitscale = 1"

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