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Massive SF2 project


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For the past 5 years, I've poured a ton of money and time into a rather large SF2 project. Essentially, I have always wanted to take the original SF2 arcade games, add components of subsequent game mechanics to a SF2-style engine, tweak the original roster movesets a bit, and--most importantly--add characters from the rest of the series to the roster. This last part has involved scouring existing artwork (doing much of it from scratch myself) and to render charas from SF1-5, Alpha, and vs. series in the SF2 arcade sprite style. Here is a pic of everything I've done currently minus a few that are in progress, and each of these has 70+ animations.  https://imgur.com/wCPYQss


Just reaching out to see what else is out there in terms of interest and collaboration. I have worked with a few other artists on this massive project but would love to work with some like-minded MUGEN/SF2 fans who could help to bring this project to completion. So, existing character art, SF-styled portraits, coders familiar with the various SF game mechanics would be welcome. 


Feel free to PM me for any questions.

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