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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2


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So, this is only being posted in Think Tank because I haven't seriously finished the process of setting this up again. I gave up after I hit the point where I would need to put actual effort in.

The idea is to use the Dolphin emulator as a means of exporting "sprites" in the form of native resolution, chroma-keyed screenshots which merely need to be cropped.

"But how might you do that?" I hear none of you saying. Good question! In the process of looking into how this might be accomplished I found some very useful tools built into the most recent versions of Dolphin, those being the Free Camera and Texture replacement.

Essentially, you dump the textures for a particular character as well as the map, color them all green (other than the character textures) and voila! Along with use of the Free Camera tool you now have the basic means of exporting "sprites" which are essentially just the animation frames of the various moves done by the character. There were, however, a few issues that I had to overcome somehow. How did I mass-replace the images with masses of green? How did I deal with shadows? How did I actually key out the green? Why did that one fucking texture on the World Tournament stage not want to be replaced? How do I plan on keeping up with the camera angle and position changes? What is an areola?

I don't actually remember, but I'm sure once I get back into my dark, depressing basement after my strangely pleasant recent exposure to the sun that I'll be able to figure this out once again. First character made with this method will be Yajirobe because he eats a green Senzu Bean and I want to hurt myself early on so I'm used to the pain.

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12 hours ago, katsup said:

This was one of my first and favorite fighting games when I was a kid! I would love to download a mugen character from that game just for the novelty!


Still is my favorite fighting game. I loved thinking I was the best just because no-one from school or my family could beat me at it.

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