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[PSP/PS3/PS Vita] End of PS Store

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PlayStation 3 (PS3), PS Vita and PSP will have their access to the PlayStation Store discontinued. The information came from Sony itself, on Monday (29), which stated that it will now focus only on the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 (PS5), console launched in November 2020. Services will be shut down between July and August this year, and video games will be without the game purchase functionality.

In the case of PS3 and PSP, the shutdown is scheduled for next July 2, while on PlayStation Vita, a laptop launched in 2012, the service will be disabled on August 27. The information comes after deactivating the web versions of the console stores, which could be accessed via an internet browser.

Sony has released details of the store shutdowns on its website. Players can still download titles previously purchased on the platform, as well as media content. The purchase of new games and activation of codes, however, will be unavailable.

Thus, the only way to get new games on consoles would be through physical media (Blu-Ray on PS3, UMD on PSP and memory cards on Vita). Titles obtained through the PlayStation Plus subscription can still be downloaded, as long as the subscription is active.

Online game functions, such as multiplayer modes, updates and crossplay, continue to work normally for consoles. All games previously purchased can be accessed on the Download List of the devices.

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