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Help rescaling effects



Hi, I'm pretty late to the party and only recently discovered mugen, but I'm wondering if someone can help with a couple of problems I'm having?


1) I'm using 1280x720 resolution, and local coords of 427,240 to rescale the fighters. This is working, except for some of the fighter's special moves/intros etc. For example SeanAltly's Jin Saotome. He works great at 640,480 resolution but in widescreen the robot hand he arrives on in his intro is floating midair (I fixed this by rescaling the animation), his Vulcan special move has an overlay of the robot cockpit which is still at 640x480 and so too small. The same happens with the hyper-move animation, it's still at 640x480 and the portrait/effects are too small for the screen. Some stages also have a similar problem. Is there an easy way to rescale all of these?


2) I've used fighter factory to add 9000,0 for a selection screen small portait, 9000,1 for big portrait and 9000,2 for an ingame portrait used by add004. This works until I save and reload the fighter. For some reason pallette 9000,0 will not save correctly and I have to re-add that one each time. (sprite 9000,1 saves as pallette 9000,0 and sprite 9000,2 saves as pallette 9000,1 even if I select the correct values). Is there something I'm doing wrong here?


Hopefully I've explained these in an understandable way :)


Thanks for any help you can give me

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