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5-- Site Features


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The [ COLLECTIONS ] forum is one of the site's main draws. A lot of people find themselves here initially because they're looking for Mugen characters and stages to download, and the Collections forum is set up for exactly that. It's choc full of beautifully curated Mugen content, organized by game, universe or other various groupings. It's open to members to create and manage their own collections, so it grows by the day. Definitely worth a visit.



The Timeline feature is accessible in the top nav bar, where it's the second tab from the left up top. This will give you a standard social media type overview of all the recent activity around the site. You can post status updates here, comment, react, and filter content in the timeline to fit what you're looking for. Hovering over the Timeline top tab in the nav bar will reveal various sub menus that make filtering easy. For regular forum goes, this is a staple for keeping up with what's going on around the site.



You have the ability to follow topics, entire forums / sub-forums, events, members and award clubs. Depending on what you're following, you'll get notifications for various activity related to it, and you'll be able to filter for it in your timeline.

You can control what type of notification, and what specific activity triggers them in your account settings. You can set it to send push notifications through your browser, if you want to be notified even when you're off site, notifications through email and/or onsite notifications which show up in your notifications manager here:


By the default settings:
• You'll automatically follow any topics you start.
• Following a topic means you'll get onsite notifications any time someone comments on it. 
• Following a forum / sub-forum means you'll get a notification any time someone comments on any topic in it.
• Following a member just allows you to filter for their activity in your timeline.
• Following an event means you'll get notified when it's happening. 
• Following a specific award club means you'll be notified anytime someone receives that award.



The leaderboard lets you see which members have gotten the most likes, or reputation or posted the most content each week, month or year. It doesn't serve much of a functional purpose other than to supply credit bragging rights where due. 





The [ OUR PICKS ] area can be accessed from the top nav bar in the Features tab, or as a sub-forum in Special Events. It contains various threads from around the forum that staff has hand picked to feature. Updates come in batches around the middle of the weekend, so it can be worth checking in once a week.



Members can receive awards for various achievements. These come in the form of being entered into an Awards Club. You can find details about the awards in Award Clubs directory, and also see which members have each award. To get there normally, hover over the Features tab on the top nav bar, and select Award Clubs from the sub-menu that appears.


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