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7-- Member Roles


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The Creator role is for people who create Mugen content. Very simple. There is no requirement that you be of a certain skill level to obtain this role, only that you've completed more than one Mugen project.

Palette Tech

The Palette Tech role is for creators of Mugen Palettes. Just like the Creator role, this is not limited to any skill levels, only productivity.


The Editor role is for people who regularly edit existing Mugen content, but don't necessarily create content of their own. This can include bug-fixes, update patches, sprite alignments or anything of the sort.


The Evaluator role is for people who regularly evaluate Mugen content. This can mean offering feedback to Creators on their releases, or just displaying general analytical prowess of Mugen content in general.


The Judge role is for participants in the Monthly Judgement. This means you've written up at least one article fully covering all the details of a Mugen creation.


The Author role is for people with a general lean towards creative writing. Doesn't have to be pros, poetry, reviews, or anything specific.


If you would like one or more of these
roles, you can request them here:


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