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Editing a character's CNS to change its transformation requirements?



No one answered my last question regarding this issue, but I managed to figure it out. I went into the CNS file for the character and found where it said "transform when lifemax/2" or something like that, and changed the 2 to a 1. But now I downloaded a new character who also has a transformation that can only be accessed when at 50% or lower HP, but there's nothing in their CNS file that says "lifemax/2" or anything. The whole 50% or lower thing is annoying as I like to stay in Training Mode when using characters, which means their health and power will always be at 100%, meaning I'll never be able to access its mode unless I go into Versus, and that just takes up a whole bunch of time.


So, how do I edit the CNS file to ensure that my character doesn't need to be at 50% to access its transformation? Will it be easier to link the character in question here?

Jiraiya_JUS (mediafire.com)

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