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My Stages By ZombieBrock

Lord Batros

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ok 1st off if someone wants they can move this to were ever the hell they want to on the forum, i dont care where , 2nd im bored so i thought id do this, 3rd , i might be taking an extended Sit out from MFFA since real life is bearing down hard, 4th .... just cause, thats why , here is EVERY stage i have ever made including the horrible ones i never planned to release ... EVER.... oh and also , all of the good ones come with music

My Very 1st Stage For Mugen

Double Dragon Mode B

Posted Image

DD Mode B Download = http://www.4shared.com/file/CGR2310q/Double_Dragon_Mode_B_Vs_Stage.html

2nd Stage

Double Dragon 1 The Woods( Part 1)

Posted Image

DD Woods Download = http://www.4shared.com/file/s8kmxLVi/DDwoods_with_BGM_by_AlpyneD.html


( Unreleased)

edited version of Stone Monkey stage from Eternal Champions 2

Posted Image

In Game Look

Posted Image

Temple Stage Download - http://www.mediafire...mym2o10rv072xoh

4th ( My Baby)

Fight For Dracula V1

Posted Image

V1 Download = http://www.mediafire...q5cr28guktzyumf


Posted Image

V2 Download - http://www.mediafire...644ym65vam2bm6d

V3 Final ( UnAnimated Version)

Posted Image

V3 In Game

Posted Image

V3 of Fight For Dracula Download - http://www.mediafire...c5ymwzbn9lbyo6o

********************Unreleased Stages ( & Youll See Why) 5th,6th,7th Stages****************************************

Lord Of The Fly's ( MK /Castelvania )

Posted Image

Bachaleors Grove ( a Real life Haunted Cemetery)

Posted Image

Arlington National Cemetery ( im a Patriot )

Posted Image

Training Stage ( Old Version)

Posted Image

Lord of the Flies Download - http://www.mediafire...w34aclwjf4n7vb2

Bachelors Grove Download - http://www.mediafire...1w249lgdjyypje5

ANC Download - http://www.mediafire...2p3y5q8k9n984b2

Training Stage old Version - http://www.mediafire...amqlc9h31u9tllc

Ok Now Back To Better Times, My 1st Complete Stage Set

Stage 8

Ninja Gaiden Nes All Boss Fights

Stage 1

Posted Image

Stage 2

Posted Image

Stage 3

Posted Image

Stage 4

Posted Image

Stage 5

Posted Image

Stage 6 ( Final Boss Fight 1)

Posted Image

Stage 7 ( Final Boss Fight 2)

Posted Image

Ninja Gaiden Stage Set Download - http://www.mediafire...3bh5t35zkv19j5e

Stage 9 ( And Final For Now )

NES Pro Wrestling Ring

Posted Image

Download - http://www.mediafire...qbo6o8r22e74136

Stage 10 & My 2nd Fave ive ever made ........My Training Stage ( Thanks again to ALP )

Posted Image

In Game

Posted Image

Training Stage Download - http://www.mediafire...s9l6ed8gkfc6ggu

** New Double Dragon Arcade Stages & Shinobi***

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image

(^^^^^^^^ Not Very Good At all, Sorry)

Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

& Your Bonus Stage( Shinobi)

Posted Image


Double Dragon Slum Part 1 - http://www.mediafire...z3c5kg9wduz3cq1

DD Slum Part 2 - http://www.mediafire...apo1oa7bhxatuas

DD Slum Part 3 - http://www.mediafire...6gd6v861lwd05jj

Black Warriors Stage - http://www.mediafire...6wd8kpk3uujh47y

Black Warriors Boss Fight - http://www.mediafire...eg1ot7wbelca0ox

DD2 Black Warriors Stage - http://www.mediafire...49kohrx6zml72an

DD2 DoppleGanger Fight - http://www.mediafire...cg30bccrkhwgn13

DD Woods Part 1 - http://www.mediafire...x61jxdggalkwwb8

DD Woods Part 2 - http://www.mediafire...vpre53o1q5a5fpr

DD Woods Part 3 - http://www.mediafire...n2zqml1j5mlfgmm

DD Woods Bridge - http://www.mediafire...m6iv03y7anjife3

Bonus Shinobi Stage - http://www.mediafire...t6vvh845ysji9hk

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holy crap someone on here ACTUALLY Dled my crappy never to be released stages............. i guess Thanks to whoever , hope u liked them as much as i felt ashamed for making them :=D:

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Fight for dracula and the training stage look nice

Thanks PB, Yeah Sadly i have to let the reigns on animating Fight for Dracula Go To someone else, as i simply dont have time to do it myself ....i think Vector is going to do it but im not 100% on that just yet

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