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Aperson98's character template


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Hey guys I've made a simple character template it has no particular gameplay style but I hope you like it, anyway I did a few small things to this template worth noting.

-Recoded run state -I've made it so that a run cannot cancel itself into a crouch anymore and the character will stop and skid a bit when you let go of the Holdforward command

-Roll dodge added and yes you can grab the character out of the roll so don't worry I didn't make the character invincible (like some people tend to do lol).

- A projectile special move and MVC laser hyper move added in

- Leftover P2 wall hit coding from KFM just in case you need it in your hitdef

- Psuedo MVC combo system I say psuedo because I'm sure it's not really like MVC 1-3 at all lol.


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