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This version of Doutei



Ok so basically Gyuki made an series of videos back in '09 where Doutei, Bikeman and other characters fought

The videos were deleted around 2014ish but you can still see the thumbnail and comments through Nicofinder

What I'm looking for is the version of Doutei seen in this screenshot:


All the "known" versions of Doutei have either Ogai (with or without a mustache) or an unindentified anime character as the character that shows up in the winpose but in this screenshot you can clearly see that it's Dr Volga instead of any of the former

After checking a little bit I figured out that the most likely version to have this would be the 11/05/2009 version though there's no footage available of that version as of right now

So if anyone has it please post a link here, even if it doesn't have Dr Volga it will still be good for archival considering how only the 2011 version of Doutei is available currently

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