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Mecha-Spaghettio by fhqwhgads7


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Mecha-Spaghettio is a boss character, and it's only weakpoint is the four turrets that appear when it attacks. They fire out small rings that do little damage, but once you destry one, the boss starts spinning, making the turrets harder to hit. They will also now occasionally use more powerful rings and bullets, as well as a giant fireball. Except for the fireball, all of these attacks can be grazed through, meaning if you run through them it won't do any damage. Once all four turrets are destroyed, a ship appears, apperentlly driven by The Kid(who dyed his hair blond, I guess.) Now the ship is the only weakpoint, and the repaired turrets are firing a lot faster. If you're playing as Mecha-Spaghettio, you can move the ring(or ship, if you're that damaged), but the CPU will just stay in place.

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