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Massive Colour Separated Lei-Lei palette pack (60+ palettes.)


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After two months in development, hopefully it would've been worth the wait - Flare 'Gamer' Newell











So a bit of backstory for this, I originally started this project because GDPenguin made a colour separation patch for POTS' iconic Lei-Lei/Hsien-Ko. However the patch only contained one singular Palette (being the CS palette itself). So What I did was I took existing Lei-Lei palettes for the non-colour separated version and remade them for this colour separated version. I also added in some palettes that were made by people with the colour separation template. And on top of that I also made my own original palettes for this too. 25 to be exact. 




Acerola.png Bayonetta.png Chun-Li.png Crescent-the-Umbreon.png Hisako.png Lillie.png Lillie-Alt-Gladion-Tag.png Mega-Banette.png Mei-Ling.png Melia.png Metal-Face.png Min-Min.png Morrigan.png Neo-Geo-Pocket.png Neo-Geo-Pocket-Blue.png Peach.png Pink-Purple-Swap.png Princess-Ruto.png Rosalina.png Serena-Dragon-Quest-11.png Taokaka.png Thanos.png Toriel.png Triple-Colour-Swap.png 


You will be needing this first: Link (scroll down for .sff file link)

Get the palettes! Link


There's more info in the Readme so read that too! Enjoy!



The total palette number is 69. NOICE.


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