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Force AI Transformations



Hey, I just created my account to ask this question, please forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong section. Does anyone know how to forcefully transform mugens in any way? I'm more into CPU battles in mugen than I am with actually fighting myself, and it kind of sucks sometimes when I know a mugen can transform but they just never seem to do so no matter how many times I fill up their guages. I have come to find out that I can forcefully transform a select few by press the (" ; l , . / [ Enter])  keys to select them, which works perfectly on characters like Goku All Forms and even Jiren, but it seems that such a small percentage of mugens are actually able to transform using this method. As far as I know the only other two mugens that are capable of transforming using the same method are Trunks (DBS) and Mikel's Natsu. Basically what i'm asking is, is there any other possible way to force AI's to transform, are there any other keys or combinations that I haven't that could work? Could I go into the characters' files and limit them ONLY to their forms? A Prime example of a character who I have tried and failed to force into transformations is Aizen, he has two forms and after COUNTLESS attempts of trying to get him to transform I have only ever seen him go into his first transformation (Hogyoku) three or four times and I have NEVER, not a single time, seen him go into his final form in an AI match. But yeah, thanks for reading this and I really hope one of you can help me out. Also, I don't know if it is important or not, but FYI I am playing with JUS styled mugens.

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