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Marvel's Spider-Man M.U.G.E.N 2020


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Hi, how are you guys? The truth is that working at Mugens became my quarantine hobby haha.
Today I leave this one of the best comic heroes of all time, Spider-Man. The game, in addition to the classic Mugen modes, includes a story mode. Obviously with Spidey as the protagonist. There is also a special Venom chapter.
It comes with about 30 characters and about 30 stages with music. And just like I said with Mortal Kombat Mugen, if any battle becomes too difficult for them, they just press F1 and move forward in the story. The characters and stages are not mine, I just put the game together with Story Mode. The plot is not faithful to any 100% Spidey timeline or universe, I just kept taking certain parts and skins until the game left. I leave you a video and the LINK below:

-In the folder "Comics" inside the folder of the game, there is a file of type "ico", that the icon that I made of the game for direct access.
-Sorry for my bad english, I still learning the language
Hope you enjoy it!

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