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Mortal Kombat Stories M.U.G.E.N


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Hi everybody, hoy are you? It is the first time that i share something in this forum (I guess). This is a Mortal Kombat Mugen with story mode.

They are all "Toon Edits" type characters, mainly those of Fabrytaz and Chuchoryu. It's not that I don't like the MK Project type, but I'm a little tired of seeing that kind of chars.

Scenarios there is a bit of everything, more than anything we see in Mortal Kombat 1,2,3,4,9 and X. Some characters have different Skins that allowed me to adapt them to Story Mode making them more interesting. For example, Sub-Zero starts with its original identity (Bi-Han) and ends with that of Kuai Liang and its different variants.


-The story of the game is not the true one at all, I invented it based on the stories of Mortal Kombat 1,2,3 and 4, with gages of 9 and 10.

-If any fight gets very difficult for you, just press F1 and exterminate your opponent how Thanos half the population. I was able to get past the game's story mode without pushing it but I admit some AI are very hard to beat. I would like to know how to make them simpler to make the game more fun.

-The game has kinematics, sometimes a bit long, but it is so that they can read the content in peace. In cinematics that see the red "START" button, simply press it to advance to the fight, if the button does not appear, it is that the cinematic continues with another image.

-In the game possibly they find a bug, I from my basic programming knowledge, tried to eliminate them as much as I could. If something happens in combat, press F4 to restart the fight or F1 to win it. ----.Excuse me if you find any spelling mistakes haha sometimes I made things a bit rushed.  And all this post was made in spanish and translate with google.

-The characters Li Mei, Chameleon, Kira, Kobra and Kronika are in the game, but not the story mode. Surely later I will get a kind of DLC with an extra chapter where they appear.

-I want to thank and congratulate the creators of the Screenpack from this medium (I used the E.O.F Custom from Noz). And to the creators of the Chars and Stages, because they are honestly great. Without more to say, try it and comment to see how it is.




Some Pics:







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