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[PS3] Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines


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Ok so my i convinced my buddy to finally get a ps3. When we got to gamestop, as a impulse buy, he picked out warhammer. We got back to his house, pop'd it in, and man i was blown away! With online play at least (still haven't tried campaign mode yeat, but im sure its at least GOOD). Online is SO refreshing! Its a perfectly executed mix between Gears Of War, and Halo. The view is 3rd person, you have a energy shield in addition to you life, and the weapons are amazing! There are 3 starter classes, One with light guns, (your standard machine guns and smaller weapons) the heavy gunner (Huge gatling guns, snipers, rocket launchers and much more) and last assault marine (you are given a jet-pack which lets you fly into the air, but not fly in the sense of a bird more like a super high glide, along with a melee weapons (chain-sword, hammers, axes, swords). As you level up, max level being 41, your arsenal grows and grows. I did some research about the Warhammer world, and it turns out its originally a dungeons and dragons type thing, where you buy miniature statues and custom paint them. Not my cup of tea, however they added a customization mode for you online marine, where you can change every piece of armor as well as 3 colors on each piece, main color sub color and detail color. Your allowed 5 custom appearance slots. 10 in total, because there are 2 factions you play as, the space marines and the chaos. Chaos looks bad ass! As for combat, like i said, 3rd person, theres no duck or prone system, which at first i didn't like, but once you start getting us-to it, you realize that its a better choice not to have them. There isnt a cover system as well (sticking to walls) which i also dont mind. Each weapon has its own perks which are unlocked by doing challenges, similar to Call of Duty, however in COD, there aren't weapon perks, just perks in general you can use for any weapon. I find Warhammers system better. The gameplay is so fun i really recommend this game to anyone who likes shooters, (And wants to team up with me to raise some hell!) The games are a max of 8 on 8, which trust me makes for a huge amount of chaos. The only down side i have found so far, (at level 32) is, there only about 4 maps, however there are 2 DLC packs that i haven't check out yet. Aside from that, amazing game a 9/10 in my book any day. On a side note, my PS account name is Lieutenantlanza. Add me!

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