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Online Marvel vs Cacpom: Maximum - 3 years in the making so far


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Hello everybody,  I want to share what I been working on very hard for over 3 years. This game was made for me personally and did what I can to make the best mvc game of all time for me and my friends to play, but then later in the end decided to share it with the world.  My goal was simple but a lot of work... gather up the straight up BEST mvc chars by some of the best creators/editors in the mugen community, and edit every single one of them (or most of them).  And have a TRULY INFINITE Marvel vs Capcom game that can be played online competitively, with the usual concepts of team building and finding characters that have good synergy with one another... and after all the years of work, YES the game can now be played competitively like this.  I been playing it online for a year now and have met some players who been able to play long sets of high level matches without constant interruptions of bugs and game crashes. It will still happen but it'll be very rare, so Shift +f4 is still a helpful button to restart a match.  But yes, I consider the game now to be officially playable even in the hands of someone who likes to play MvC competitively like myself.  Don't expect a corporate made perfect game by a whole development staff, But i did work on this alone for a long time, almost every single day in fact. What also needs to be considered is that I have a personal life to live too and to support, so I just focus on fixing gameplay, and don't focus on changing everyone's hitsparks and super backgrounds etc or other minuscule stuff. I just seriously do not have time for all that, and I really hope everyone can understand.


Fixing bugs is the #1 priority, and everyone being able to play mvc style with good gameplay is also #1 priority. I fix everything that needs to be fixed, like mobility, broken moves, broken coding, and re-code and re-animate many of the unfinished characters like Daredevil, Elektra, and Leon for example. While some chars are very well completed and don't need much help, Many characters that have cool sprites but are not complete and some can't even do basic air combos or even supers correctly, have now been fixed and edited by me to actually feel completed, and they are now very awesome to play as.  Even characters by RedHot who is a very good mvc2 editor, his characters needed help as well.  Characters like Wolverine, Venom and others could not do their bread and butter combos well, but now they do.  My guarantee is that you can play this game at a high level. I also worked really hard in starting a online community for MvC Maximum so players can communicate about the game and find people to play with. 


This game was made for myself and for my friends.

But it got so good, that towards the end I decided to share with the rest of the world.


MARVEL VS CAPCOM: MAXIMUM version 1.0  is out right now! 



Make sure you catch up to date with character updates after the 1.0 release!  <------

visit the MvC Maximum Discord here



If you like MvC, come and show us your skills!

If you looking for competition, you'll find it here.


If you got any questions at all please lemme know 🙂



- 4v4 / 3v3 / 2v2.

- Tag ANYTIME. Just like MvC Infinite.
- Assists, with assist ok being every 4-5 seconds.

- Brand new stages and edits
- 79 Marvel characters, 79 Capcom characters, 158 in total
- Over 100 of the 158 characters privately edited by PizzaHighFive to fight better. He is still editing more..
- Brand new characters and edits like..
   * Megaman X
   * Regina
   * Scream
   * Leon
   * Lilith

   * Cyber Blue
   * Donovan
   * Elektra
   * Daredevil
   * Human Torch and much more!
- Online play using Parsec <--- Free to download
- Online match making using Discord
Chat, Updates, Online Play with Parsec
 - https://discord.gg/bCkvvJQ



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