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How to make a character guard against crouching, standing and airial attacks at the same time?



Hello everyone. 

Characters often have a STAND GUARD position which enables them to guard against standing and airial attacks, and another CROUCHING GUARD position to guard against crouching and standing ones, and some of them have AIRIAL position which enables them to guard while jumping.

What I want to do is to enable a character (Igniz2k1 by TightRiam specifically) to guard against all types of attacks (crouching, standing and airial) whith only one guarding position.

I've been trying to do this for some time now but to no avail. Does anybody know what specifically needs to be changed? Any insight is much welcomed. I've spent some time on this and I want to get it done lol. Thanks in advance.

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In my MK mugen the statedef that correspond to the guard system are from 120 to 155 in the common.def.
In my case, if I wanted to do what you say, I should go to statedef 130 and:


; STAND GUARD (guarding)
[Statedef 130]
type = S >>>>> change to C
physics = S >>>>> change to C
ctrl = 0
anim = 130


disable this:
[State 130]
type = ChangeState >>>>>>> null
trigger1 = command = "holddown"
trigger1 =! inguarddist
value = 120




change the animation:
; CROUCH GUARD HIT (shaking)
[Statedef 152]
type = C
movetype = H
physics = C
velset = 0.0
anim = 151 >>>>>>>>>>>> 150 (stand guard anim)
ctrl = 0


and finally change the value to statedef 130
[State 152, 3]
type = ChangeState
trigger1 = time = 15
value = 131 >>>>>>>>>>> 130 (stand guard statedef)


I hope this helps you or gives you an idea.


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