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The Judgement Episode 1


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This is a new thing i will be doing in the forums. 

I will review a character then give my rating on two Factors

1. Spirtes

2. Gameplay


comment below for a character you want me to review.


Anyways our first character to be on The Judgement.

Rodrick Heffley by 



Spirte: jP6nQWt.png



Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/16vfqe


Spirtes: They are UGLY. Not as bad as Alerkina4 but its still pretty awful. It look like it has been made in MS paint by a drunk rodeo clown while riding a bouncy ball. 3/10

Gameplay: It uses the EOH template so we are not in a good start. The moves are either generic or out of character for the lovable Diary of a Wimpy Kid character it is also possible it has stolen code from other characters. 1/10


Overall rating: 2/10

Last words: With ugly sprites and awful gameplay with stolen coding. This failure of a Diary of a Wimpy Kid character is a ploopy.


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