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Tough Guy: Fighting Titans - full game released!


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Hello, all.


In development for quite some time [!], we at Super Fighter Team are pleased as Christmas punch to finally release our complete, full game of Tough Guy: Fighting Titans for MUGEN. 😄


Official website and Direct download


This game is based on the DOS original by Panda Entertainment, from 1995. We acquired their back catalog in 2012, and this updated version of the game is very much a labor of love for us.


New features:


* Completely redesigned fight system
* Unique "Tough Skill" for each character
* Improved animation, presentation, control
* Remixed soundtrack
* Selectable boss characters


Thanks for trying, we hope you enjoy it. Please feel welcome to share your feedback.


0fmVGyA.gif     fFRskIu.gif


kJd6Nso.gif     okxmkqB.gif


wo8aueu.gif     ZbAE6qA.gif



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In case anyone was wondering the way to port any of Super Fighter's characters from any of their MUGEN based games into regular mugen is to simply copy the .st file or basically the commons file for their game, then remove all the characters that the file isn't meant for... in other words, copy the file multiple times, then remove the characters that the file isn't meant to represent.


So for example, if you copy over Deitrich/Wacker, then you would remove everyone else mentioned in the ST file except for Deitrich/Wacker's crap.


Or, you could actually just copy the default mugen 1.0's common1.st/common.cns/common.st file (whatever it is called) and rename it to be usable for each character. However, doing this will remove the ability for any of the characters to use specials or have any special cutscenes or ending scenes. It basically makes every character a simple 4-button/6-button character, and nothing else.

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Fighter profiles, complete with special attack listings and some nifty new artwork, are now available for Tough Guy. They've been a while in the works; we appreciate your patience!


Tough Guy fighter profiles


Here's a fine example of the new fighter profile artwork, based on Joseph Chang's original hand-drawn pieces...



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