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stan marsh (south park)

That Guy Sebi

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"I'll kick your ass so bad you'll wish... you never... had it to begin with!! Your ass, I mean."


this may just be me, but when i think of a south park representative to be in any fighting game, i think of cartman (slow gameplay style, hard hitting). or kenny (attacks damage himself, a lot of finishers/hypers that are just kenny dying in creative ways that harm opponent). or really anybody but stan. hell maybe even kyle could work! but stan, being my favorite character and the (main character of south park) means i'm obviously going to ride this out and try to conceptualize a full-ass character of him. there's only one problem! i'm terrible at coming up with movesets


i think stan could definitely work, and yes, i know that south park asskicker exists (or at least used to) but stan's moveset in that seems like something that was the product of them being confused as i am right now. so leave me any ideas / references / show clips / anything that might seem like it could be helpful and i'll get back on my bullshit and try doing something related to stan!


thank you

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