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{PC] Free Realms


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Free Realms is a FREE MMORPG that you can play on the PC , and on the PS3 (2011), This game is a MMO designed for kids with fun mini games for them to do such as checkers, chess, dueling, and several other type of games.

Like all MMO's there are quests where you fight monsters, but this game mainly aims for team work amongst young people to, in a sense make them more in tuned with the internet type of mmo games, making friends, helping each other, playing together, showing support. All that kinda stuff.

Personally from what i've seen as a adult this is far from my type of mmorpg. alot of things really bother me, the whole combat system is not to good, the jumping and physics and animation are off, and personally its a total mess.

My nephew enjoys it very much, but thats because he doesnt know video games like i do.

Young people would enjoy this.


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