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[PC] Arcade America


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Level 3

Arcade America is 2d platforming game, made for windows 95 back in 1996 i believe. But i had gotten the game for free from my dad's friend and ever since then i've been in love with the game.

i've only ever finished it once and got the bad ending.

the intro basically explains the storyline, Joey and the Monsters (his family) are a rock band who are gonna perform at Woodstock, however Joey over sleeps and while trying to wake him up a bomb explodes and scatters the entire family all over America, Joey then wakes up and relizes he has to save the family and make it to woodstock in time, believe it or not this game is actually timed i think you have 4 hours or 5 hours to finish it.

what made this game so crazy fun was the humor and platforming action. the background environments actually talk and interact with each other, as well as joey, overall its a very old game, most of you probably never heard of it, and to me its pure GOLD.

unfortunately i believe 7th Level closed there studios years ago.


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