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Fanfiction Series: Super Smash Bros Absalon


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Hey Guys

It's me, NootNoot64

And today

I will be talking about one of my W.I.P Fanfiction Series named Super Smash Bros Absalon

If you don't know what is Super Smash Bros Absalon

Here's the plot


"after Tabuu's death at the end of the Subspace Emissary

While the entirety of his body is diminished, his spirit still remained, and it disappeared for many years

However, it witnessed all that happened during Smash 4, and witnessed the defeat of the powerful Master Core

After the events of Smash 4, however, the spirit began created a new body, that would become Embargo

As Embargo, Tabuu found new capabilities of his power, and once again used his puppet strings to take control of what remained of Master Hand

Using Master Hand, Embargo ripped open portals past the current world of Smash Bros, by the time the Inklings were brought into the Smash multiverse by Master Hand previously

He captured more fighters from across the multiverse of media, and, without being noticed, add their universes into the world of Smash

And as the new fighters entered the new world of Smash, Embargo took plenty of useful technology (this should be decided later on), and gathered the villains of the universes he had added to Smash

Using them, Embargo created a new Subspace Army of sorts, and continue what he started as Tabuu in Brawl, with Master Hand and Crazy Hand under his control
Meanwhile, Magister (Freedom Planet) saw what Embargo was doing and called all the Super Smash Bros characters (Including the Original 12 since that they are training to become stronger with The Star Spirits (SMBZ))
Now, it's up for the heroes of the Super Smash Bros Universe to stop Embargo from taking over the world of Super Smash Bros"


Yep, that's all of the plot

And now for the Openings and Endings:


Opening 1:


Ending 1:



that's all i have to talk about SSBA

And if you all have any ideas for my Fanfiction series, Go Ahead


And this is the creator of SSBA (NootNoot64), Signing out!

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