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-I uploaded my version of Goro´s fatality with the purpose to improve the fatality, it took me about 10 years to create it, I asked to many people who knows mugen: americans, Brazilians, Russians and Mexicans…ONLY ONE PERSON gave me ideas to develop it. Thanks to Xavier Mozquera to help me.
-I used the 2008 brazilian mugen of tomaz, ice, haso and ingrid cold (felipe) because i have a little experience about mugen programming, I had to transfer the data to mugen 11, but I had a problem... I cannot see the letters in the game.
-I just put one stage to download quickly the mugen.
-I don´t know to put "finish her" to women.
-Some characters don’t work with scorpion and reptile´s fatalities.
-When You made Goro´s fatality, the victim remains on the floor and you have to wait a lot until Gore makes the victory pose.
How to make the fatality:
FORWARD, DOWN, FORWARD, x (near to the victim)

-Subí mi versión de la fatalidad de Goro con el objetivo de mejorar la fatalidad, me tomó cerca de 10 años para crearla, Le pregunté a muchas personas que sabe mugen: estadounidenses, brasileros, rusos y Mexicanos…SOLO UNA PERSONA me dió ideas para desarrollarlo. Gracias a Javier Mozquera por ayudarme.
-Usé el mugen brasilero del 2008 de tomaz, hielo, haso y el frío de Ingrid (felipe) porque tengo un poco de experiencia sobre el programa de mugen, tuve que transferir los datos a mugen 11, pero salió un problema... No puedo ver las letras en el juego.
-solamente puse un escenario para descargar rápidamente el mugen.
-No se poner “finish her " a mujeres. 
- algunos personajes no funcionan con las fatalidades de Reptile y Scorpion. 
- Cuando haces la fatalidad de Goro, la víctima permanece en el suelo y tienes que esperar mucho hasta que Goro haga la postura de victoria.
Como hacer la fatalidad: ADELANTE, ABAJO, ADELANTE, x (cerca de la víctima)


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That YT video was amazing.  lol  Somehow it never got boring seeing all those guys' limbs ripped off.  This took you TEN years?  Wow, that's dedication and deserves some appreciation!  I'm not sure if I'll download the whole thing, but nevertheless this is the coolest Goro fatality I've ever seen and highly entertaining.  Also, props for the improvised version Goro does to himself! 

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