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Scarecrow (Updated 7/1/2019)


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- Fixed some problems with AIs.
- Panic Port now can be normal-canceled by spending 1/5 Fear Meter. Normal canceling Panic Port briefly stops time.
- Fixed a glitch which let Scarecrow have full Fear Bar in the next round.
- Fear Bar now resets after match.
- Tramautized now creates an explosion at opponents' location instead of above Scarecrow's head. 
- Fixed a glitch which makes Fear Status applied to opponents when Fear Gas hits helper-type projectiles.
- Chemical Mayhem's recovery reduced by 5f.
- Chemical Mayhem now creates 2 extra flame pillars.
- Chemical Mayhem's damage reduced from 70 to 35.
- Updated new hitsound for Spinning Fear.
- Fear-Ferno now builds Fear Meter faster.
- Reworked air velocity for air-combo.
- 3rd hit of combo string's hittime increased to 25f.
- 3rd hit of combo string's recovery increased by 7f.
- Standing Medium's hittime increased to 20f.
- Standing Medium's recovery increased by 3f.
- Crouching Medium's hittime increased to 20f.
- Crouching Medium now hits mid.
- Standing Hard's pausetime increased to 15f.
- Standing Hard no longer reset juggles.
- Jump Hard now causes untechable knockdown after air-combo.


Demonstration + Download:



Tag system:
Start - Partner assist
z+c - Tag in/Tag out
D,DF,F,z+c - Tag Team Hyper

- Guard Push - x+y/y+z/z+x while guarding.
- Recovery Teleport.
- Inner Fear: Scarecrow's character trait ability is a trait that has a fear meter, which can be charged up by successfully using certain moves. If the Fear Meter is completely charged up, Scarecrow has the ability to perform Tramautize.

X - Weak: Can chain into itself 3 times.
Y - Medium
Z - Strong (can charge Fear Meter)
b.Z (G) - Deep Agony: Scarecrow uses his flamethrower to attack opponents. This move isn't special or hyper cancelable.
f.Z (G) - Fear Toxin: Scarecrow fires off a blast of gas from his hands. If move contacts, opponents will enter Fear Status. When they are in Fear Status, the crow hallucinations will appear and strike in front of Scarecrow. Cannot be used again when Fear Status is active. Can charge Fear Meter on hit. If Alucard or Batman is a partner, opponents will also hallucinate Bat Swarms.
df.Z (G) - Another Experiment: Toss a glass of acid. The acid hits low. Can be used to create some unblockable set-ups.
A - Dash: Can pass through opponents.
B - Throw (can be teched by opponents): Scarecrow fires out a blast of Fear Toxin, making them hallucinated. When Alucard is an ally, the hallucination becomes real and deals extra damage. Can charge Fear Meter on hit.
C - Tramautize (can only be used when Fear Meter is full): Create a full screen blast which sends a shockwave of energy that stuns the opponents.

Panic-Port (D,U) (G): Scarecrow vanishes then reappears behind the opponent.
Chemical Mayhem (D,DF,F,x/y/z) (GA): Throw a bottle of chemical sustains that explodes when it hits the ground. The bottle can't be destroyed. Can hit OTG. Can charge Fear Meter on hit. Attack strength varies upon how far the bottle can travel.
Delusional Episodes (B,DB,D,DF,F,x/y/z) (GA): Throw a Gas Bomb with a high dose of Fear Toxin that can hallucinate opponents on hit. Can charge Fear Meter on hit. When Batman or Alucard is a partner, the hallucinating demons will be replaced by hallucinating bats, which charges Fear Meter more.
Fear-Ferno (D,DB,B,x/y) (G): Scarecrow uses his fear powers, summoning spikes from the ground-up. Can deflect 1 destroyable projectile. Can charge Fear Meter on hit. When Slenderman is a partner, a hallucinating image of Slenderman will appear, increase the amount of Fear when the move hits.
Spinning Fear (D,DB,B,z) (G): Scarecrow spins his scythe, attacking opponents. Can move during the spin. Can be jump-cancelable. Can charge Fear Meter on hit. Every 3rd spin will not be able to cancel into other attacks and briefly stun Scarecrow after recovery.

D,DB,B,D,DB,B,x/y/z - Soaring Crow (LV1) (GA): Jump forward and strike with his scythe. Hit high. Can charge Fear Meter on hit.
D,DF,F,D,DF,F,x+y/y+z/z+x - Grip On Reality (LV3) (G): Scarecrow fires off a gigantic blast of mixed Fear Gas from his hands. End Fear Status on use. On hit, there will be 4 sequences, depended on Scarecrow's partner:
- Dark Perception: Triggered when Batman/Slenderman/Alucard isn't UNO Tag Team partner or during Single mode.
- Winged Avenger: Triggered when Batman is UNO Tag Team partner.
- Vlad of Wallachia: Triggered when Alucard is UNO Tag Team partner.
- Eldritch Ritual: Triggered when Slenderman is UNO Tag Team partner.
All sequences won't kill opponents and Fear can be gained whenever the move hits.

Tag Team Hyper:
Tag Out: Horseman of the Apocalypse: Death.
Tag In: Be Afraid.

Special thanks to:
DopeFiend, NinjaBrl, Mistah Jorge and armin_iuf for the based character.
BlackCurl, ZET and The_None for the effects as well as the codes.

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- Added Hyper Cutscene for LV3 Hyper (thanks to Tigergoods).
- Fixed crossing-up glitches.
- Updated with a new damage dampen system.
- Fixed Fear-Ferno hitspark glitches.
- Fear-Ferno now can hit OTG.
- Fear-Ferno now causes untechable knock down.
- Delusional Episodes's Gas Bomb now can explode when hit the wall.
- Delusional Episodes's Illusions now follow opponents (useful against opponents with Burst mechanism).
- Spinning Fear's damage reduced from 40 to 35 per hit.
- Another Experiment now hits more frequently.
- Successful throw now applies 50% damage proration.
- Now can perform delayed hyper during Tag Mode.

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