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Goat Mama (Update 1/11/2019)


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The only Toriel you need to put all other Toriels in shame.
This is it guys. Toriel has been one of my most requested characters to edit (aside from Martian Manhunter). I have picked her up to work and dropped this project so many times (as I literally don’t have motivations to work on her). Only until recently, Deltarune comes and I just love the game. So of course, I gotta decide to do something to celebrate Toby Fox’s new game.

Character Demonstration + Download Link:




- Added 7 new hypers.
- Added 4 new specials.
- Sans is now an assist.
- Removed EX System.
- No longer can cancel normal attacks or guard into roll.
- Fixed a glitch makes fireball-related move unable to count combo properly.
- Damage dampen's added.
- Supported UNO Tag System.

Tag system:
Start - Partner assist
z+c - Tag in/Tag out
D,DF,F,z+c - Tag Team Hyper

- Bad Time - (C): Calling Sans as an assist attack.

X - Weak. 
Y - Medium
Z – Hard
A - Roll
B - Throw (can be teched by opponents)

Old Lady’s Flame (D,DF,F,x/y/z) (G): Shoot 2 small fireballs with random spread. The fireball’s speed and recovery is depended on the strength of the button.
Flare Star (D,DF,F,x/y/z) (A): Shoot 1 fireball while in mid air while push Toriel back a little. X version will shoot the fireball down forward while Y and Z version will shoot the fireball straight forward.
Dreemurr’s Flame (D,DB,B, z) (G): Summon a flame pillar in front of Toriel that can launch opponents. Can be jump-canceled.
Fire Helix (D,DB,B,x) (G): Summon streams of fireball which hover mid air for a few seconds. If Dreemurr’s Flame is used nearby, the streams of fireball will become Old Lady’s Flame and fly toward opponents.
Burning Heartache (D,DB,B,y) (G): Summon a huge fireball which will slowly travel forward for a few seconds before disappearing. If Dreemurr’s Flame is used nearby, the fireball will be destroyed, releasing 4 smaller fireballs which can track opponents.
Blazing Love (B,DB,D,x/y/z) (G): Zero counter move. Cost 500 power. Toriel engulfs herself in flame, pushing opponents away.
D,DF,F,D,DF,F,x/y/x - Toriel looks through you (LV1) (G): Toriel performs a slide attack that hits low. If move connects, 2 follow ups will trigger, depended on the left amount of powers Toriel has:
- Paw Sweep (Trigger when Toriel has less than 2000 power left): Toriel performs a Shoryuken attack and ends with a Flare Star.
- Queen’s Heat (Trigger when Toriel has more than 2000 power left): Toriel creates a powerful flame pillar after the slide, heavily damages opponents and launches them away.
D,DF,F,D,DF,F,x/y/x - Toriel prepares a magical attack (LV1) (A): Toriel shoots down a wave of Flare Stars. Not affected by damage dampen.
D,DB,B,D,DB,B,x/y/x - Toriel blocks the way! (LV1) (G): Counter attack. Cost 500 power per use, when the counter is successful, another 500 power will be spent. If move connects, 2 follow ups will trigger, depended on the left amount of HP Toriel has:
- Deltarune Seal (Trigger when Toriel has more than 450 HP): Toriel rushes forward, seals the opponents then blows them up.
- ♥ FIGHT (Trigger when Toriel has less than 450 HP): Frisk appears and slices opponents. If opponents have less than 200 HP after the attack, the screen will be blacked out while Frisk deals the final strikes, instantly kills them with the last hit.
D,DB,B,D,DB,B,x+y/y+z/z+x - Knows best for you (LV3) (G): Has start-up invul. The video will show the rest. Not affected by damage dampen.

Tag Team Hyper:
Tag In: Flaming Strikes
Tag Out: Mass Flare Star

Special thanks to:
MEGA_X for the based character.
RicePigeon, Seravy for the extra effects as well as the codes of many of those moves.

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- Fixed a glitch which makes hitsparks unable to display correctly.
- Hitsounds and hitsparks now match correctly with the power of the attack.
- Standing Hard's guard hittime reduced fy 6f.
- Standing Hard's hittime increased to 26f.
- All Light's pausetime reduced to 8f.
- Crouching Medium's hittime increased by 6f.
- Fixed a glitch that makes Goat Mama randomly freeze in the air.
- Some minor changes to air-combo system.
- Now can taunt in Single Mode.
- Standing Heavy now always causes air-knockdown.
- All Medium and Hard's pausetime changed to 10f.
- Fixed a glitch that makes opponents unable to tech throw.
- Update with a new damage dampen system.
- Queen's Might now can hit OTG.
- LV3 Scorching Seal's final hit damage reduced from 120 to 100.
- Now can perform Delayed Hyper.

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