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MK3 Soundpack for Liu Kang by OMEGAPSYCHO


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So, I made this mod and yeah. This is the MK3 Soundpack for OMEGAPSYCHO's Liu Kang and this replaces in move list/options with Original sound mode.
With that being said, Enjoy my soundpack! :)

MK1 Liu Kang

UPDATE 1.0.5:
- Replaced with other gib explosion.
- Replaced with bone clatter sound effect.

UPDATE 1.3.0:
- Replaced an optimized with Street finish him/her and end music.
- Voices audio in high quality.
- Replaced with other cartwheel kick attack grunt.
- Gib explosion audio swapped and remake bone clatter sound effect.
- Remade with special sound effects.
- Move list/option music replaced with "Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Character Select [REMAKE Remix]".

MIRROR 1: MediaFire

MIRROR 2: GameBanana

(MK2 Liu Kang is coming soon...)

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