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Card Saga Wars IKEMEN Ver. 0.1a


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Yup, it's real and yes, you can play it offline and online! Welcome back to this long lost project now public. Fee free to enjoy.


Original Post:  http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/card-sagas-wars-prototype-ahruon-and-orkimides-184068.0.html

IKEMEN (Version 0.1 Alpha): http://www.mediafire.com/file/d8eddebuebqhb92/Card%20Saga%20Wars%20Online%200.1a.7z

Change list (yes, there were adjustments that HAD to be made:

Unofficial Build of IKEMEN Card Saga Wars (As of 6-23-2018)
Version 0.1a


- Hitstun fix for all character normals.


- Dash attack infinite is removed.

- Saw Blade infinites removed.
   *One saw blade at a time


- Neutral Special velocity is changed to only go forward.
   *Stalling is still possible

- Down-Air velocity increased.


- Link's bomb velocity decreased.


- Side Special has a bit more recovery frames.

- Omnislash cost meter on whiff.



- Ahruon & Orkimides for the original Card Saga Wars and Release

- Card Saga Wars Discord Community for Bug reporting

- Rodknee and TheFclass97 for porting to IKEMEN and bug fixing
https://discord.gg/a8zKTrw (IKEMEN Discord)

- Special contribution from ROS for the Megaman X infinites

- Suehiro for the IKEMEN engine

- Elecbyte for the MUGEN engine

- and you... thank you...

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