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Fail to load Character.



Ok i have no idea if this ever happen to you all, but this problem never happend before. back in my old laptop i was using Mugen 1.1 and all of my characters worked fine, till i had to get a new laptop cause we didnt had enough money to get it repaired, so my sister gaved me her iView Laptop which is a Convertible Touchscreen Laptop, and to you people think its fine cause it has Windows 10, but to me.... well its good but not for my Mugen. at first, i only had to run my Mugen through my TB Drive and things look good as usual but until i had head to the part where i battle (i dont know how to explain this, but after the Vs Screen), it just popped up an error about the sff or Def so this means some of my characters wont work... let me remind you that i said up there that all of the characters i put in my mugen work fine, so now i have a new laptop that wont let my characters work.

Next all i had to do was to move it onto my laptop with only limited characters i use so it wont be much, and guess what, they work, but only certain character wont work, so its only error'ing on the Def, i tested this with Al Azif Ex Mortis Vs Sora on a plain normal stage, Azif doesnt work, i tried Magasame Vs Sora, same thing, even Uzuka said the same error pop up, so i need someone's help if they experienced this problem before or if its new, then help me figure it out

and for some of you are gonna ask what type of laptop it is, well its a 32-bit Laptop with 32GB Storage, 2GB Memory, and a Quad Core Processor.

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from my knowledge, your character might not be compatible with 1.1 (try downloading 1.0 and put your characters there to see if you get the same error), or check the character´s .def or .sff file, sometimes, they have their .cmd or any file that is missing, so checking their files also is important, i hope this helped, im not that smart with mugen so i may be wrong.

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