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Problem - editing EX moves



so i was trying to erase and disable some EX moves on various characters (all from Infinite with the same code)

[State -1, Reppu Ken]
type = ChangeState
value=Ifelse((command="ReppuKenEX")&&var(20) <= 60&&power>=500,0,1000)
triggerall=!AILevel && RoundState=2 && StateType != A && Ifelse(!var(20),!Numhelper(1005),Numhelper(1005)<8)
triggerall=(var(45)=0&&(command="ReppuKen1")||(command="ReppuKen2")||(command="ReppuKen3")||(command="ReppuKenEX"&&power>=500&&var(20) <= 60))
trigger1=ctrl || StateNo=40 || StateNo=52 || (StateNo=[100,101])
trigger3=(stateno = [200,450]) && movecontact && (command="ReppuKenEX"&&power>=500&&var(20) <= 60)

if i just make it like this, i get an error.

[State -1, Reppu Ken]
type = ChangeState
triggerall=!AILevel && RoundState=2 && StateType != A && Ifelse(!var(20),!Numhelper(1005),Numhelper(1005)<8)
trigger1=ctrl || StateNo=40 || StateNo=52 || (StateNo=[100,101])

i also tried it with his Kongoshin move instead of Reppu Ken but i get the same kind of  error everytime i try to edit an EX move.
i also deleted the EX entries in state.defs
so technically the EX moves are deleted from super/hyper state and cmd but when i do that i get  this error:

Library error message: Died parsing command="KongoshinEX"&&power>=500&&var(20) <= 60))

Error detected.

Undefined command label: "command".
If not misspelling in CNS, check CMD
Error parsing triggerall
Error parsing [State -1, Kongoshin]
Error in [Statedef -1]

Error in Gouken.cmd:825
Error loading chars/Gouken/Gouken.def
Error loading p1

when i just delete "KongoshinEX"&&power>=500&&var(20) <= 60))
im left with the problem that i have this line:

value=Ifelse(command="KongoshinEX"&&var(20) <= 60&&power>=500,1310,1300)

i dont know what to edit on that line of code and if i try to delete it completely i get the error that the whole state -1 Kongoshin failed.

i managed to make it work with type=null but then the whole move is disabled not just the EX part of it... im clueless, pls somebody help me  ^:)^

can somebody point me the way how to remove the EX code from this lines?

thx in advance and have a nice week

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