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[NS] Kirby Star Allies


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One of the most anticipated Kirby games is finally here! The friendship frenzied, star studded Kirby Star Allies are ready to rumble!

Including a big surprise with the Dream Friends, playable characters who return after several years! I wonder what other Dream Friends will appear in the future? I'd like to see Adeleine back.

I never thought Marx would be playable! He's my favorite Kirby villain.

The game was datamined and leaked long before it was released due to the demo, so spoilers are everywhere. 

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With version 2.0 of Star Allies out, with new songs, levels, fixes, & more, the first of pack Dream Friends is finally here! The Animal Buddy Trio Rick, Kine & Coo as one character, friendly Dark Matter Gooey, and mischievous jester Marx are added to the game! Friends can play as them in story mode, and you can in Guest Star Allies and the Ultimate Choice. They also appear in the game's ending, new Celebration Picture  and secret level statue. 


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