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My AI Patches

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I learned how to make AI patches a while back and so I've been making some patches for random characters every once in a while. Before any of you guys start getting giddy, I'm not taking any requests for now. Here's a list of all of the patches I have:


And here are the patches: http://www.mediafire.com/?2du4qj9q6yo18

(Alternate mirror): https://mega.nz/#F!HhYTWAZZ!9GFKtYgvb_qosxNLzcmlzQ


In the Pastebin link above, I mentioned that some of the patches were partially produced using an AI generator (Link). It's a program that surprisingly manages to program AI for characters. It isn't exactly infallible, though (Emphasis on the words "partially produced").

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I've just realized that Tomoka Minato's AI patch has an issue with running. I've fixed it and reuploaded it. Redownload it if you've already downloaded it before. An AI patch for Battle Mahoro by Nipa3008 has also been released, albeit it's now back in the works for a few minor tweaks. Check back tomorrow or so for the full release.


I'll be uploading patches to Mediafire whenever I have them finished, but I plan on only making update posts every once in a while in batches.

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A couple new releases are out:

- Snakeman by Laspacho, DCL, O Ilusionista
- The Blob by Shadowtak
- Phoenix Wright by Blade & Riklaionel (Phoenix already had AI, I re-enabled it + some tweaks)
- Rugal by Vyn (A bit half assed. Maybe I might bother finishing it eventually)
- Juli by Mouser (Same as Rugal)


These will be the last few patches I'll be releasing for a while. I'm getting tired of making patches.

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Some more patches:

- Quint by Rage, O Ilusionista, Laspacho (Simple fix; less doing stupid stuff and more aggression)
- Washio Sumi by Arumikan
- Fortran by arcadboy (Also TheBrainJemin's GRAND DAD) (Separate patches for Win/1.0)
- Benaui/Benawi by Dissector
- Knight Blazer by Moyomoto
- Macho Man Randy Savage by Brucewayne74 & Yolomate


All of these patches were actually made several months before I went on hiatus (Randy Savage being the only exception; I just made that one a few days ago). I'm only now getting back into the groove, I suppose.

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