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Diamond Poshpsylocke Style and Rubeus New Specials + Other Updates


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Diamond Poshpsylocke Style and Rubeus New Specials


Rubeus by Poshpsylocke 
- 3 New Specials and a new fireball projectile.


Diamond by  Mmaluco10 
- Edited to have Poshpsylocke physics, moves (Guard Push and Super Jump), and AI.


Next thing is Zoisite and Queen Beryl and then the other Mmaluco10 characters.


Other Scouts Update:



Sailor Mercury

- Added Aqua Rhapsody Special


Sailor Mars

- Added Flame Sniper Projectile


Sailor Jupiter

- Added Oak Evolution Projectile


Sailor Venus

- Added Love and Beauty Shock Projectile


Sailor Neptune

- Added Submarine Reflection Projectile


Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MARc145g2LZ_yIApeU03qyejg-LadXtW?usp=sharing 

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UPDATE 3-1-18



- Fixed an AI coding that made him do his level 5 special at level 2.

- Fixed a black screen every time he does a special.


Rubeus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus

- Projectile Animation improvements. 


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