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Palette issues(Black Background)



Palette issues(Black Background)

So, I decided to create Yukari!


But here's the problem.

The image is flipped, yes, that is one issue, but FF3 already comes with a "flip" option.

Here is the really bad issue.

The background is transparent.

You might think,"Cool!"

But, the palette is not already there.

I get the error when you put sprites in that Mugen can't read(You know, the invalid palette one).

In fact, there were palettes that came with the zip.

They were .png, not .act.

Any solutions? Everything I have tried just involves in a black box around the sprites. Yes, black is already in the top left(Or just an empty space). It was like that when I got the sprites.

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Open the sprite as bmp (you need to put a BG color in a image editor for transparency) in Fighter Factory Classic, optimize the colors and put the BG color in the right bottom corner, after that apply to the other sprites and click on "insert in images", after that it will ask you where you will save the image, write the name and all will be saved with a .pcx format with one palllete, and you can insert them.

WARNING:All of the sprites need to have the same BG color

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