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[SNES] Breath of Fire


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I don't have a video or anything I just wanted to start a discussion about it.


I beat it a while ago and it was not an enjoyable experience. Once I got to maybe 60% of the game it really became bad. It has very very bad conveyance and I became lost often as to what I was supposed to do next to progress. At those moments I looked to a guide, mostly to find out I had to go back to a town that wasn't mentioned to me had any importance to find a hidden item and/or talk to a random towns person at a specific point in the story that I had met hours ago and said nothing of relevance to the current event in the plot.

There was one instance I can remember that had an unwinable boss fight that I ended up using most of my health items to try and beat, though once I lost I could see why I wasn't supposed to win. Its more of a "damn I wish there was a hint I was to lose" moment.


The battling itself was pretty ridiculous as well. There was a "mechanic" where bosses would recover after you "completely deplete their health". The "mechanic" was that the boss would have some sort of "I won't give up action" that stopped your party from attacking if they hadn't already. So if you planned on healing at some point and the "mechanic" kicked in you can forget about it.

Another thing about battling was that after you earned the dragon forms for Ryu the battles take a few minutes to finish or you can just set it to auto-battle and walk away you would be totally fine for the most part. Even the bosses are no match for the later dragon forms of Ryu.


Item storage was retarded as well, to me anyway. You could only hold about 40 items, I think. Within that 40 were your weapons, armors, accessories, battle items, recovery items, and story based items. So I ended up running out of space fairly often later in the game.


Finding the secrets were pretty fair I would think, if there weren't so many that completely affected game play. Though I'm 50/50 on this subject, after all it is a secret, I think? While most of them were reasonable two, where you needed to have found the 3rd form of the character that could fuse with others was annoying. Finding the spot was easy since it mentioned needing somebody strong to move "heavy object", the problem with that was that by story standards the strongest character in the game couldn't move it. Once again I took to the guide to find out how that made sense.


The gamers that supported this must have been serious, I mean die friggin hard RPG and/or Capcom fans to have supported this. I want to play through the remake to see if they fixed issues without making it a new game. Though I only played to completion because I had played it years ago but never finished.

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i dont no what any of your guys problem is i happen to love the game my self i had finash it took me a day to do so when it first came out i never turn to a guide either i had no problem i didnt do every single thing i only focus on the main quest as for breath of fire 2 that was a bit different and so on from the rest of the game series

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