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So I got Skullgirl's River Casino



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5 hours ago, Tabris666 said:

The stage is for mugen 1.1 first of all and second the stage requires opengl.

The problem you showed is the default problem of using system or DirectX mode nothing to be alarmed just change the cfg to opengl and if you don't have a pc able to handle opengl then bad luck and forget about those kind of stages (there are hundreds of those kind)

For example some stages will slow down everything because your pc don't have the CPU required  or will crash because you don't have enough ram or similar stuff (i run in slowdowns sometimes but are rare cases and counted i use opengl) remember mugen 1.1 exclusives require higher specs then the run of the mill 1.0 stuff think that with some content you will run in out of memory error even if you don't have too much stuff think of this the 10 stages of skullgirls + 10 chars 1.1 exclusive + a really good screenpack and you will run into out of memory error this is why i have adviced to screenpacks author to stop using those 3000 slots screenpacks because is surrealistic and you will crash mugen more often.

Well if someone leaked the 2.0 alpha 7 of mugen those problem would be a thing of the past because of the new features they presented.


Thanks a million for the info.

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