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Ogre EX updated to MUGEN 1.1 only


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Sorry for the late post cause i wanted to post this on my birthday and i completely MFFA >.< apologies

Ogre by JUN such a cheapie pie since the old days. But we all loved to use him sometime ;p

I don't think if I ever go back to add things, he already has many moves and skills
maybe if i ever fix that dreaded bug he has and which cant fix that he goes floating when getting hit
on air from high velocity projectiles. If anyone ever sees that code and can fix it i would gladly
add it and of course credit him. If elecbyte makes a new mugen version I'm sure i will work on him again.
With all that out of the way lets get to it.

Well..Ogre EX for MUGEN 1.1 only version Final? V1.0
I tinkered around for hours to record for 1.1b MUGEN with no results. So Im sorry for no having a
play-through video. Tried fraps, bandicam and even obs. NOTHING
I mean wtf with that shit man ?Why elecbyte had to to make it that hard anyway
Hopefully this version is not buggy and plays well cause i didn't have enough time to test properly

Some pics..



V1.0 Changes

- Converted to M.U.G.E.N 1.1
- Added Messatsu Gou Rassen style supermove
- Added Metsu Gou Shoryuken style supermove
- Added Metsu Gou Shinryuken style supermove
- Added Iori's Energy Geyser supermove
- Added Victory quotes
- Added Energy effects surrounding Ogre EX
- Added intro fighting himself
- Added and changed some of the FX :p
- Added and edited missing sfa3 hitsparks for specials backhits
- Fixed lots of syntax error and deprecated codes
- Damage Dampener Added
- Changed many of the commands even simplified for easier output
- Re-balanced lots of damage output to equalize with the dampener changes
- Extra defense added after using his taunt
- Better AI..doesn't like to get hit that much like before (I hope)
- Dio's moves added and no more (var)hits needed to activate them, just forward + z and/or back + z
- Updated pallets
- Many things that I forgot




For the old version and non 1.1b on the MFG forums thread




All Special skills move set commands

Gou Hadouken (and aerial) light,medium,fierce

D, DF, F, x or y or z
(while on air too)

Shakunetsu Hadouken light,fierce

B, D, F, x or z

Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku (and aerial) light,medium,fierce

D, DB, B, a or b or c
(while on air too)

Gou Shoryouken light,medium,fierce

F, D, $DF, x or y or z

Charlie/Nash flashkick

B, D, $DB, c

Hyakkishu (variable result depending on button pressed in action)

F, D, $DF, b    x or y or z or a or b or c   near the target does a throw

Yamazaki Bomb Bopper

D, DB, B, x   near target

Rugal's glide hits

F, DF, D, DB, B, z

K's teleport slide

F, DF, D, DB, B, a or b or c

Raging tackle

D, DF, F, c

Ashura Senku forward

/F, y+z long

/F, b+c short

Ashura Senku back

/B, y+z long

/B, b+c short

Hado airslash Uppercut

D, B, y

Dive kick
D + a or b or c (only while on air)

Dive kick 2

D, DF, F, c (only while on air)


B, DB, D, z


All Supermove skills move set commands

Star Platinum Ora Ora Ora!

D, D, D, a

Yamazaki knives out

D, D, D, x

Krizalid's desparate Overdrive

D, D, D, y

Krizalid's End of Eden

D, D, D, z

Yamazaki Guillotine

D, D, D, c

Yamazaki drill

D, D, D, b   (if the move connects press x,y,z many times for different results)

Premium sign (dan's  parody ;p)

D, DF, F, s

Iori Energy Geyser (if it connects it has different result)

D, DB, B, D, DB, B, z

Messatsu Gou Hado

D, DB, B, y+z

Metsu Gou Shoryuken

D, DF, F, b+c

Metsu Gou Shinryu Moonlight

D, DB, B, b+c

Messatsu Gou Rassen (if it connects it has a different result)

D, DB, B, D, DB, B, c

Messatsu Gou Shoryu

D, DF, F, y+z

Tenma Gou Zankuu

D, DF, F, y+z (only while on air)

Hado rampage kicks

D, DF, F, D, DF, F, c


D, DF, F, D, DF, F, z+c

Shun Goku Satsu

x, x, F, a, c

Shin Shun Goku Satsu

x, x, F, a, z


One last note. DONT EVER..EVER USE THIS FILE to gain money cause i had a lot of internet drama
with this. This is and will always be COMPLETELY FREE


Thanks for using Ogre EX :) and don't hesitate to leave me feedback if you use him. Enjoy

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