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KOF Marco(metal slug) NEW SUPER Laser Gun!!


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Hi there, I wanna give Marco(metal slug) a new super. He is Marco-Kofa By Ahuron.   As of now he has a lvl 1 where he dashes in for a combo super, a lvl 1 where he sends out a p.o.w. hippie, a lvl 1 where he sends a Slug tank to run u over, and a lvl3 where he turns to zombie Marco and red vomits all over you. So I'd like to give him a level 2/or level 3 super where he pulls out the LASER GUN. I have no idea on deep character coding but I am a graphic designer and I'm confident that I can make the sprites for his "laser gun super" I am very good at Photoshop n illustrator so I am pretty artistic and patient. So if I design the "laser gun super" animation sprites, is there anybody who would like to join me in this project in coding this animation in, like I said I can handle the Sprite works, I just need someone to handle the other side of things. Thank you


PS! I have all the metal slug laser sprites and hitsparks from the games in a folder and I have ripped all his png sprites that has his "heavy machine gun" move animation, where he pulls the gun out, shoots, then puts it away in a folder too.  Im just planning on using that exact animation of his, but holding a different gun of coarse.  which I also found a sprite of.


Here is a quick sample.  


PLEASE, I really want someone to help me with this project for I am new at this but with the help of someone I know I could get done a lot faster in time to share with all of yall. 

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