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Mugen 1.1 - Portrait/Pallette Issue



so i decided to go with the CVS3 HD Screenpack and started to costumize the portraits.
All of the charcters i edited worked finde but now i got one specific char , where his 9000,0 (small portrait) wont show properly.
Infite blanka (Blackchaos edit)


here is what i did :

Opened FF3 - made sure i have mugen 1.1 selected at the bottom. replaced port with png pic, clicked save, got to sff and saved as 1.1 (just to make sure) i also found some soltuions via google and i already added keymapping in the def and added remappal code on statedef 5900 .
the big port (9000,1) is working fine but this is what i get when i try to edit the small one :




any help on this?

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