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Help with the lyrics of a few songs


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The title says all. I enjoy these songs enough to want to sing together, but the language barrier impedes me.


I wonder if some English native speaker who can help me with the lyrics of these songs.




And there's this next one, which I had to upload in Youtube as an unlisted video, because it can't be found at any video streaming site, and I risk facing a strike from Youtube.

It's in Japanese, which makes identifying the lyrics 500x harder.


Junko Ohashi - Arabian Night

( 大橋純子 - アラビアン・ナイト )



My listening comprehension only took me as far as the 1st line:


アラブの 町へ 旅する 魔法の 絨毯 飛び立つ

ARABU no machi he tabisuru, mahou no juutan tobitatsu

(Flying on a magic carpet, going to an Arabian city)


I appreciate any help. Sorry if I'm posting on the wrong section.

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