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4 Player Mugen



Hello Mugen Free For All.I have a question about 4 player mugen?Is there anyway that 4 players(Humans) can vs 4 players(Computer) in team survival and/or team co -op?For example.Me and 3 of my friends want to vs the computers in survival co - op but when we use 4vs4 mugen exe it only puts 4 characters for the ai but only 2 for the human players.If anyone knows how i can make 4 humans vs 4 ai in survival co - op.Can you please tell me how to do so? Thank you

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On 9/22/2017 at 4:36 AM, Tabris666 said:

Can't be done because would require several changes to the engine itself  not only that the problem is that pcs have problems when using more then 2 controllers (tried playing a n64 game of 4 players and 2 of them didn't get mapped) because windows have a really bad hardware management.

Darn....Oh well thanks for telling me i really appreciate it :awesome

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