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Strider S.H.A.D.E released by Dr. Alphys

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Hi everyone. I've been making this new edit char for quite a while. Hope you enjoy my other edit chars so far and here's my latest new one. Without further do, here is...

Strider S.H.A.D.E!


After Strider Hinjo was a succes, I decided to edit another Strider. Unlike Hinjo, this Strider is different. I swapped the moves and you can check it out on my Readme file. This char was inspired and based on the character of Dark Pit from Kid Icarus Uprising. You can switch his voice from Japanese to English the way you want. It was fun to edit him and next time I'll be editing something else than just another Strider, otherwise it will be boring.

Have fun and stay tuned for my upcoming edit char and updating chars as well.


P.S: Works on Mugen 1.0 and 1.1

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