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Guilty Gear XX Bloodshed version 1.5


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Official Launch Trailer:

Official Gameplay Tutorial Trailer:

Blood and Gore Features:


Blood spouts and lands on the floor when characters are hit by their opponent's weapon.
Blood splats disappear when created by normal, special, and hyper attacks after a few seconds.
Blood splats stay permanently when created by a Destroyed 1 Hit Kill attack on the deciding round.
Characters with explosive Destroyed 1 Hit Kill Attacks will cause their victims to explode into messy chunks ( MK Style ).
Characters with fiery Destroyed 1 Hit Kill Attacks will cause their victims to stay on fire after death with fire and smoke FX.
Characters with electrical Destroyed 1 Hit Kill Attacks will leave their victims with electrical FX.

Screenpack Features:
Borrowed the intro, assets, and inspiration from the GGXrd Screenpack made by MustardSeedComics and Ralfab.
Custom Main Menu, Options, Character Select, VS, Victory, and Gameover Screens with a lot of moving parts.
GGXrd Life bar, Fight art, and power bar created by Rayzo and edited by me.


This is the final frame of the intro. The "Press a Button" flashes on and off until you actually press a button. Then you are taken to the main menu screen.


All of the gears and chains are animated except for the gears attached to the top and bottom metal borders. The lava also flows to the left behind the grating. As you select different game modes the picture on the monitor will change according to what you have selected.


Every gear is animated except for the big gear in the center of the screen and the gears attached to the top metal border. The lava flows to the right and the fire is of course animated. When it's time to select a stage a monitor will appear and it will display the stage you currently have selected.


The gears in the background rotate and the fire is animated. Huge metal doors open up to reveal all of this as the VS screen is activated. The lava flows to the right.


All gears rotate.

Mostly typical stages for GGXX characters downloaded from The Mugen Archive with added FX such as fog or smoke and also lighting overlays.
Edited some stages to accompany Mugen's limitations such as a lack of having water effects when characters are walking in water.
Used 2 edited stages from GGI for Testament and the Robo-Ky Ambush Mini Game.
All stages were edited to allow the Mugen 1.1 zoom feature to work properly.

Music Features:
All music for stages and the screenpack are included and may come from GGX, GGXX, GGI, or GGXrd.

Character Roster:
All characters by muteki have been stripped of their ridiculously hard AI and use the default Mugen difficulty system.
All characters come from muteki except for Robo-Ky ( 1 on 1 version ) who comes from Ukege and Leopaldon who was made by Kurogane.
Robo-ky was edited to include all features from muteki's characters.
Order Sol is a secret character on the character select screen.

Enjoy this creation and feel free to ask questions and give feedback. Expect future updates to further make this game even more gorey and gruesome.

ModDB Page:

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